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from our founders

Mana Ventures was instrumental in helping us raise our $5M Seed round. Morgan played a significant role in scaling our BD and enterprise strategies in the years following their investment.
Alex Khuda
Co-founder & CEO, Restream
In each of our funding rounds, Morgan has played a crucial role in helping us prepare for the process and ultimately close our funding rounds quickly and with the right partners.
Tommy Dang
Co-founder & CEO, Mage
Mana Ventures was among the first external capital to back us. They’ve been true evangelists of our product and company since day 1, and Morgan is always one of my first calls.
Greg Serrao
Co-founder & CEO, JuneShine
Mana Ventures is hands down one of the most valuable investors on my cap table. Morgan has been especially helpful in connecting us with a number of strategic investors for several of our rounds.
Beau Wangtrakuldee
Founder & CEO, AmorSui
As soon as Mana Ventures invested, they began facilitating introductions to potential customers, many of which we ended up closing and converting to revenue.
Dane Baker
Co-founder & CEO, EcoCart
Not only was Mana Ventures one of our first checks, they’ve also been incredibly helpful from a product and fundraising standpoint as we’ve found product market fit and begun scaling the business.
Steve Lamourex
Founder & CEO, Designalytics

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