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We’ve assembled a robust LP network of 2,000+ active value-add founders, investors, executives, operators & specialists. They help with recruiting, strategic partnerships, introductions to revenue driving customers, and future fundraising. Meet the team, behind the team.





Paul English
Founder, Kayak
Michael Antonov
Co-founder, Oculus
Cindy Bi
Angel in 14 Unicorns
Rick Osterloh
SVP of Hardware, Google
David Gandler
Founder / CEO, fuboTV
Matt Mullenweg
Founder, Wordpress
Neal O'mara
Founder, HelloSign
Arash Ferdowsi
Founder, Dropbox
Sam Shank
CEO, Hotel Tonight
Deborah Liu
CEO, Ancestry
Ben Davenport
Founder, BitGo / Beluga
Philip Inghelbrecht
Founder, Shazam
Sonia Wadhawan
Dir of BD, Google
Dan O'Connell
President, Dialpad
Ron Doornink
Prev. President, Activision
Tina Hoang-To
Partner, Obvious Ventures
Sung Ho Choi
Founder, fuboTV
Winslow Strong
Space, Bio, & Crypto Investor
Chris Beard
Prev. CEO, Mozilla
Kevin Burke
Prev. CMO, Square and Visa